Product Testimonials


“I ordered the Kid’s Elderberry Syrup and have tried it out last couple days and OMG something that actually works for the kiddos! One day’s worth of taking it and the next day was an incredible improvement! No more congestion and cough was GONE (2sick kids and BOTH are better)!” – Ashli Gabrielse 


“My husband has been suffering from drainage, cough, etc for months. Over counter medicines were just not working and he was really suffering. I tried the Allergy Relief Elixir and after one dose he could tell the difference so now we’re both believers and it is so nice to not have him coughing, sniffing and hacking and can actually enjoy being outside.” – Sherryl Kruse 


"Having already been a fan of the Elderberry Syrup Plus and PM, I was excited to try the Calm Energy. What I’ve noticed is an increased focus and sustained energy throughout the day. I’ve started my mornings with an ounce and a half of Calm energy and have truly felt clear and focused very quickly and energized throughout my day without needing/wanting a nap in the middle. Yesterday I knew I was going to have a late night, so I took another shot in the afternoon, knowing caffeine would just wreck me for sleeping. The Calm energy gave me the perfect amount of energy without feeling wired and didn’t hinder my sleep at all. I love that there is no jittery feeling. Calm energy is literally the perfect name for it!” – Sandi Ehresman 


“Radiant Mama’s Herbal Spice Cough Syrup is the absolute best. I had bronchitis while pregnant so there wasn’t much I could take for the coughing. Even after I got over it I still had the annoying cough and within one week of taking the syrup daily it was gone. I would recommend it to everyone! This is now going to be my go to cough medicine.” – Jamice Robinson


“I am very pleased with both the Super Berry Allergy Relief & Nose Oil. I started using both on Sunday. I have not sneezed since. I WAS sneezing constantly, in spite of taking allergy meds. I swab with the Nose Oil 3-4 times a day, usually just before going outside. Definitely swab first thing in the morning & last thing at night. Taking the Allergy Relief, a tablespoon 3 x daily. Still have a little stuffiness at times, but nothing, I mean, NOTHING, like prior to starting this. I have three 40+ oak trees near the house; at the moment, those trees are yellow with pollen! I much prefer the Allergy Relief & Nose Oil over allergy meds. Cough & watery eyes also gone! PS - also like the nose oil in that there isn't much scent. Thank you Thank you!” – Linda Jones


“We received our first batch of Elderberry PLUS last week. I was super excited to find that my picky toddler was asking for more! I love that the whole family can share the one jar, and that I don't have to worry about the ingredients. Danielle was super great to work with and got our order to us quick. We will definitely be return customers. I'm needing some of that Elderberry PM magic.” – Lacee Rogers


“I had forgotten what it was like to be able to drift into a deep sleep and wake up refreshed! I also felt a sense of calm throughout my body! Thank you, Radiant Mama, for creating a delicious and effective product! I love the elderberry PM.” – Tracy Green


“I used the Elderberry syrup for my cough & congestion and it was very effective! I'm a stroke survivor and a heart patient so I have to watch what I take so my meds won't be compromised. The syrup works for me.” – Sam McDonald


“Bought the Elderberry plus and it has truly helped lessen strep and sinus infection symptoms. I highly recommend it!” – Diana Green 


“Saturday I had an incredible amount of Lower back pain. I tried stretching, my yoga poses, Aleeve and rest. Thankfully, my son remembered and recommend Danielle’s Muscle, Joint, Ligament Relief Balm product! After only two applications I felt 90% better and by the next morning after using it again, I was 99%! Thanks Radiant Mama, for your amazing products! I am a believer and an advocate!”  - Kelly Marasco


“I recommend the children’s elderberry syrup. My 9 month old had a runny nose almost all the time, since starting the syrup he has not had a runny nose. All three of my kids love the flavor and the oldest ask for it everyday.” – Sherilyn Hanna


“I have been using Elderberry Calm Energy and it truly has been a lifesaver! I have been able to stop taking an Rx that I have been on for many years. Not all people can do this, and shouldn't without doctor supervision. I feel calm, relaxed and focused. Of course, life changes do help, however I feel this was a game changer for me. Thank you to my dear friend Danielle! She is a champion of wellness!” – Mary Roland


“Nature’s Wellness Tonic tastes and works great! I've had an annoying dry cough with a little drainage. I started taking 2 TBS, a glass of water and 15 minutes later the cough silenced and my sinuses opened. Relief straight from nature, thank you!” – Britt Severson


“Started using the muscle, joint, & ligament balm from Radiant Mama for inflammation. Wonderful product! My inflammation has gone down much quicker than I expected. This week I have even tackled 2 major cleaning projects that would have demanded my body rest for a couple of days. The next morning it was business as usual, and I was able to go on with my day with energy!

Check out Danielle's amazing line of products as well as healthy smoothies and juices at Radiant Mama Cold Pressed Juice Bar!” – Dianna (Austin Toyland)