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Keep Your Family Healthy During Cold and Flu Season With These 7 Tips!

Cold and flu season is the time of year every mama and family anxiously awaits and dreads!  With the kiddos back in school and germs lurking everywhere, is it even possible to not get sick? We are here to share with you that with the right mindset, strategic intention and these go-to tips, it is possible to prevent common illnesses most of the time.

Here are Radiant Mama’s top 7 tips for keeping your family healthy this cold and flu season:

  1. Change your mindset about immunity – by acquiring a new mindset regarding the way you view your body’s immune system, you will intuitively learn how to not get sick. Building natural immunity is not something that you wait to try and do when you are already sick; rather, it is something that is important to focus and work on year round.  Instead of living in fear of getting sick all the time, begin to believe that your body is strong and capable of preventing and fighting off infection and have confidence that you are going to learn and apply these proven immune boosting techniques!
  2. Eat organic, local and seasonal foods – you may have heard the saying , “eat a rainbow for optimal health” and this is very true! Choosing organic, local and seasonal produce is an excellent way to get your body’s immune system in rhythm with the season. Become familiar with the produce that is in season in your area so you will know what kind of meals to prepare or choose for your family.  For example, during the summer months, watery fruits like watermelon and strawberries are great for helping us stay hydrated because they are in season.  In the winter, dark green leafy vegetables like kale, spinach and chard are great choices because they provide your body with the nutrients to help prevent infections that are more common during those months.  A great way to learn more about local and seasonal produce is by visiting your local farmer’s market!
  3. Add cold pressed juices to your diet – juicing is an easy and efficient way to get your body a lot of nutrients it craves and needs in one glass! It can be a challenge to get in all of your servings of fruits and vegetables daily through traditional meals, so juices are a great way to fill the gaps in nutrition. Cold pressed juices are higher in nutrient content and stay fresh and ready to drink for up to three days in the fridge making them an ideal choice for anyone wanting to build daily immunity, naturally.
  4. Reduce or eliminate dairy and refined sugars – it is now a well-known fact that dairy products like milk, cheese and refined sugars cause mucous build up in the body. Excess mucous in the body make it an ideal environment for bacteria and viruses to thrive.  If you are struggling with too much mucous, consider looking at how much dairy and refined sugar you are consuming and make the changes necessary.  
  5. Add plant-based immune building supplements to your daily routine – dietary supplements are a great addition to any healthy lifestyle in that they can supercharge your nutrition and immunity in small, concentrated amounts. Radiant Mama elderberry products are all strategically formulated using whole elderberries, spices, roots and herbs that promote immunity and overall wellness! Elderberries have been clinically shown to kill several strains of the flu virus and shorten duration of illness making them the top choice by wellness experts for immune boosting supplementation during cold and flu season. Our Original Elderberry Syrup and Kid’s Elderberry Syrup products are great preventative recipes that can be taken every day by the entire family!  One shot of our elderberry syrup is a great addition to any healthy lifestyle and will build immunity and provide you with whole food vitamin C.
  6. Focus on topical sanitation and immunity practices – building immunity through internal application is great, but don’t forget to practice topical immunity practices, too! Did you know that conventional hand sanitizers found in stores use alcohol which strip your hands natural layer of immune protection and are also filled with very toxic chemicals.  Radiant Mama Germ Zapping Hand Sanitizer is alcohol and toxic-chemical free and nourishes the skin with aloe vera gel, vitamin E and therapeutic grade essential oils. Another highly toxic product people often mistakenly use to protect against germs is Lysol! Lysol is highly toxic and contains cancer causing chemicals that tear down the immune system rather than preserving it.  Radiant Mama Germ Zapping Spray is toxic-chemical free and uses therapeutic grade essential oils and colloidal silver to wipe out viruses, bacteria and other pathogens from surfaces. It’s even safe enough to spray directly onto the skin, which is a practical use for it when you are out in public spaces. Finally, our noses are an easy access point for pathogens to enter the body through and is often the way we contract illnesses!  It’s very important to protect the nasal region and Radiant Mama’s Nose Guard Oil does just that – it keeps things out of the nose you don’t want there like bacteria, viruses, pollen and other allergens.
  7. Drink more alkaline water – drinking water is not a secret to good health, but proper hydration is linked to immunity, and it is a great reminder for most of us during the colder, winter months when we are not hot and not sweating as often. Remember to drink at least half your body weight in alkaline (pH friendly) and filtered water every single day for optimal health.

Learning how to keep your family well during cold and flu season takes time and practice! If this list seems overwhelming, try to choose one or two of the tips and focus on those until you feel more confident about them and move on to the next.  Maybe you will take this list and apply them all immediately, and that’s great too!  Stay tuned for our next blog post on what to do when you are already sick and how to care for your family when you are currently dealing with cold and flu symptoms.